Judith H.

There is something almost magical about working with a local artist to co create a unique object. It bolsters your own imagination when a skilled artist will let you contribute to the creation of a project you both want to make happen.

In this mass manufactured world, I deeply cherish this beautiful and unusual belt Jeff crafted just for me.

Judith Hotek

Jack S.

He does nice work folks.

Excellent product!

Just purchased a custom leather belt from OMG leatherworks. It is by far the best product I’ve ever purchased, very reasonable prices for custom work and the belt is strong and looks amazing!

Thad Beckendorf

Great Belts

The quality is so good that I just bought two belts. About to order a custom belt for my husband. Great product and great owner!!

Jennifer Winters

So comfortable

I am on the road quite a bit and with my old belts l used to take them off for comforts sake.
My new belt from OMG so comfortable that not only did I not take it off I forgot I was wearing it.

Triple Kocurek
Trine Services

Thank you!

Mr. Jeff, Thank you for my BEAUTIFUL belt you made for me!  I LOVE it.  You are so sweet and thoughtful. Rhys


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