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Welcome to OMG Leatherworks!

Leather for Living – Simple, Strong, Awesome

There’s something about a quality leather piece – pick it up and run your fingers over the burnished edges…smooth.

Bend it and it makes that signature ‘squeak’;  nice.

Hold it up to your face – take a sniff;  mmmmm….

THAT’S what you’ll find at OMG Leatheworks, even if you don’t say it out loud, you’ll be thinking it; O M G… yea.

It’s got to look good, feel good, age well, be durable, and make you feel good about owning a classic piece of gear.  It’s as simple as that.

I make it all right here – In the USA, in Tennessee.  I put my passion in to every single piece whether it’s part of a production line or high-end custom work.  You will get my best.

I use a Cobra Class 4 stitching machine.  All stamping and carving is done by hand.


Custom Leatherworking - Simple, Strong, Awesome

Simple - Designed for Function First

Designed to fit your style. Our custom leatherwork pieces do what they promise, and do it well.

Strong - Built to Last

Quality materials and quality craftsmanship means you will enjoy your purchase for years to come.

Awesome - Handcrafted and Unique

Each of our hand crafted items are one of a kind. No mass production here!

How To Make An Order?

  • 1. Select your piece of Awesome

    Go to the Shop page to check out our cool stuff.   I won’t mind if you can’t decide on just a few.

  • 2. Click Add to Cart

    See the button?  Click it;  the button wants you to.

  • 3. Complete the checkout form

    We’re currently using PayPal checkout services.  You can use funds from your PayPal account or any major credit card.  Heck, I set this up so you can even send me a check if you prefer.

  • 4. Enter a shipping address.

    Where do you want me to send your piece of Awesome?  Right now, we’re only set up for USA delivery but International will be coming soon.

  • 5. Receive your order & Be More Awesome!

    Time to celebrate!  If your life is now enhanced, why not leave us a Testimonial?

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Judith H.

There is something almost magical about working with a local artist to co create a unique object. It bolsters your own imagination when a skilled artist will let you contribute to the creation of a project you both want to make happen.

In this mass manufactured world, I deeply cherish this beautiful and unusual belt Jeff crafted just for me.

Judith Hotek

Jack S.

He does nice work folks.

Jack Spirko

Excellent product!

Just purchased a custom leather belt from OMG leatherworks. It is by far the best product I’ve ever purchased, very reasonable prices for custom work and the belt is strong and looks amazing!

Thad Beckendorf

Great Belts

The quality is so good that I just bought two belts. About to order a custom belt for my husband. Great product and great owner!!

Jennifer Winters

So comfortable

I am on the road quite a bit and with my old belts l used to take them off for comforts sake.
My new belt from OMG so comfortable that not only did I not take it off I forgot I was wearing it.

Triple Kocurek
Trine Services

Thank you!

Mr. Jeff, Thank you for my BEAUTIFUL belt you made for me!  I LOVE it.  You are so sweet and thoughtful. Rhys


High Quality & Gorgeous

I love it because it’s high quality and gorgeous. I hate cheap crap and my sweet beautiful protective playful doggie deserves only the best. She has the best vet in the area, the best premium dog food and the best dog treats. She’s lucky, though. If my waist was a few inches smaller I’d steal the collar as a belt for myself, haha! I’ll probably get a belt for my husband in a few months after his latest, okay-ish belt gives out. The quality of this collar has shown us what is lacking in most of our belts.

Salima T.

Comfortable New Belt

I have a belt that Jeff made. It makes carrying my conceal carry comfortable. My pants stay up better than with the old belt that I had been wearing for the last 25 years.

Jason Elliot

Couldn’t have asked for more.

So I sent a picture of the type pocket holster I was looking for. All I asked was that it be brown. What I received was more than I could have expected. Jeff is a remarkable craftsman with attention to detail and just an awesome man and family to do business with!

Mike Turner

A Great Product!

Just got my new OMG Leatherworks Tri-Fold Wallet in the mail. I’m very excited about it! Fair price for a great, hand-made, high-quality item, made right here in the USA. Lots of pockets/storage – Looking forward to breaking it in, and having a lifetime of service from this one item. Prompt shipping.

Tim Flood

Nice Belt

I cannot recommend OMG leatherworks highly enough. Custom Ordered a plain blonde 2” leather belt a few weeks ago. It showed up in a week, I’m completely satisfied with both workmanship and customer service. It is now my EDC and the best part is I cannot even tell I’m wearing it it fits so well. ????

Got it yesterday and already forgot I was wearing it. Yes, it’s that comfortable. In the words of Arnold, “I’ll be back!”

Craig Puckett

Great artist close by😎

I had the pleasure to meet Jeff and order with him a dad and son custom made belt. It is nice to know that we have a great artist close by , who can do any custom type of leather work design. Once the belts were finished I had to continue to fulfill my wishes and treat myself with a custom wallet. I would like to say that if you are looking for something custom or even just some leather work, look no further for Jeff is great and the list i can do is reccomend it to anyone who seeks great, affordable custom artwork done.
Thanks Jeffrey, look forward for the next order!

Abel Banderchuk

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