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Leather for Living – Simple, Strong, Awesome

There’s something about a quality leather piece – pick it up and run your fingers over the burnished edges…smooth.

Bend it and it makes that signature ‘squeak’;  nice.

Hold it up to your face – take a sniff;  mmmmm….

THAT’S what you’ll find at OMG Leatheworks, even if you don’t say it out loud, you’ll be thinking it; O M G… yea.

It’s got to look good, feel good, age well, be durable, and make you feel good about owning a classic piece of gear.  It’s as simple as that.

I make it all right here – In the USA, in Texas.  I put my passion in to every single piece whether it’s part of a production line or high-end custom work.  You will get my best.

I use a Cobra Class 4 and Tippman Boss stitching machines.  All stamping and carving is done by hand.


Simple, Strong, Awesome - Defined

Simple Designs, Simple Execution, Simple Transactions

Easy to understand.  Our pieces do what they promise and do it well.


Not only durable and built to last, but makes a Strong impression.


I mean, just LOOK at it!  Seriously.

Awesome is as awesome does.


Judith H.

There is something almost magical about working with a local artist to co create a unique object. It bolsters your own imagination when a skilled artist will let you contribute to the creation of a project you both want to make happen.

In this mass manufactured world, I deeply cherish this beautiful and unusual belt Jeff crafted just for me.

Judith Hotek

Jack S.

He does nice work folks.

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